; stylised as ASUSTeK or ASUS) is a Taiwanese multinational computer and phone hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. The company is also an original equipment manufacturer . Set the SSD to number one in HDD priority if your BIOS supports it.

This feature automatically detects the updates available for your device. You can tap on the Check For Updates button to view the update list. Below we have explained some of the most reliable methods that you can use to download, install, and update ASUS driver on Windows 10 and previous OS versions.

Windows 10 – How to uninstall DriverUpdate

If you are not comfortable with the above-mentioned methods, you can select one of the following tools and uninstall drivers with ease. Third-party software is a preferable and safer option to use if you don’t know much about Windows drivers. This will automatically scan for unnecessary files including the device driver packages which are no longer being used.

  • By default, Windows only shows the installed devices.
  • If you are looking for Asus drivers for Windows 10, see How to Quickly Download or Update Asus Drivers for Windows 10.
  • A box on the left with a circular icon on the left that states “ASUS Navigation Wizard” will appear.

Otherwise begin the installation by clicking the “Go” button. You won’t need to locate a download location for the wizard. You don’t need to do this with an Administrator account. 3) You will see a list of different drivers categorized into different columns. Expand them one by one and download the drivers listed here one by one as well by clicking the Global button. To avoid any unwanted incident from updating motherboard drivers, it is highly suggested that you go to the manufacturer website to look for the needed drivers.

Windows 8

Select System Summary from the tree in the left pane. Look for the three pieces of information in the right pane that start with BaseBoard. This includes the Manufacturer, Product code, and Version of your motherboard. In the right pane of the Device Manager, find and expand Portable Devices or other devices, depending on which one you see.

Install a new Kernel Version

The Asus drivers may not be working properly as a result of compatibility issues. After you install ASUS Live Update on your PC, to know if you install the latest version, you can right-click on the icon in Taskbar and choose About. To open this utility, double-click the icon. Choose the multifunction-devices drivers OS you use and it will list suitable ASUS monitor drivers for you. Ever since, I’ve updated my ASUS TUF FX505DT, none of the hotkeys were working instead of volume. I’ve installed the ATK package and now every other hotkey works except the fan mode “F5”.

It will reset Intel, Nvidia, and AMD video drivers among others. Users with older Windows platforms can also manually reset video drivers with the alternative methods below. You’ll also hear a beep before everything reappears. This video driver reset hotkey reputedly works in Windows 10 and prior versions.